Sunday, April 5, 2009


Dear Let Us Pee,

While traveling with some people through rural Pennsylvania, we hit a rest stop. I am tall, my hair was short and I was wearing 'mens clothes.' Despite my huge tits, as I headed into the bathroom marked WOMEN, the fellow minding the store shrieked at me, 'THAT'S THE WOMEN'S BATHROOM!' I turned slowly and glared at him, whereupon it dawned on him that I was not a dude and he bumbled an apology. After I finally broke my silent death gaze, I went in and peed, wondering why the hell the guy is 1. gender policing bathrooms, 2. gender policing single occupancy bathrooms.*


*I don't really understand why any bathrooms are gendered, but the absurdity of gendered single occupancy bathrooms is extreme.

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