Friday, April 10, 2009

Wrong Bathroom

Wrong Bathroom

Blending humor with formal interviews Wrong Bathroom exposes the battle for entry into gender specific restroom spaces for those who don’t fit into the cookie-cutter silhouettes outside the door.

Ever thought you were in the wrong bathroom? You know, when the person exiting the stall before you creates confusion as to which bathroom you entered. Maybe she was too tall, or he was too skinny, causing you to question the person's gender and your choice in bathrooms.

Imagine a life, where, on a daily basis, you must prove you are in the 'right' bathroom. By going where few videos have gone before, Wrong Bathroom blows the stink out of the stall on this civil rights issue. Public restrooms historically have been a place of discrimination and harassment. From the segregated bathrooms of the South to the fight for women's restrooms in the workplace, access to public restrooms has long been a civil rights issue.