Saturday, March 28, 2009

In men's room

Dear Let Us Pee,

Ironically, I was never given any trouble using the women's room when I transitioned to my correct gender even very early on in transition I had no problem fitting in whilst in the powder room. However that being said, as a 5'2" tall and 110 lbs "man" with long hair I would routinely be given trouble whenever I was in the men's room. This went on even before I ever had any plans to transition.

I always knew I wanted to be a woman, but being that I went to a Christian private school I had no idea that there was any possible way to transition effectively until College Biology classes. But my gender identity issues did cause me to choose to wear my hair long and I also often wore ear-ring(s). Many times while I was standing at the urinal or washing my hands I would have a man question if he was in the right place or if I was. And at one point while I was actually peeing at a urinal I was asked to leave the bathroom and building entirely because two men questioned if I "truly was a man" and the owner "didn't want any trouble." I figured he meant they were so disturbed that he couldn't keep me safe so I left.

Again, I find it comical looking back at it, because many of my brothers and sisters in the trans world have issues after transition in the bathroom, I for one, had trouble in the bathroom as a Cis person. Overall I see it as one more point of proof I now truly am the person God meant for me to be.


I was trying to use the bathroom society told me to use at the time

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