Friday, March 27, 2009

Washroom follies

Dear Let Us Pee,

When I was in a a women's trades program, we pretty much had to dress in a way that let us practice carpentry and plumbing. And a woman followed me out of the washroom and interrogated me, not believing that I was female.

This is pretty mild. Because I avoid washrooms in malls, and anywhere that serves alcohol (and if I can't pee there, I won't shop there), and because I live in a progressive city and because my body language is only semi-androgynous, this is the worst story I have.

Some of my friends have been hit in the head with grocery bags. One had security phoned on her. Another used a washroom in a pub with other women. This guy only gave her a dirty look at first, but after the pub closed, he followed her outside where he started screaming "faggot" and trying to punch her.


If I can't pee safely, I won't shop at your store. And neither will any of my friends.